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zombiegirl01 [08 Mar 2010|10:39pm]

zombiegirl01, originally uploaded by goatboybbma.

Another one randomly done for Staple. I started this one a few months ago and never finished it. I found it, decided it needed a catch line like some kind of super sexed up super vitamin to make your lady want you. I like the underwear.

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rainbowbrite1 [08 Mar 2010|10:38pm]

rainbowbrite1, originally uploaded by goatboybbma.

Oh my gawds another one for Staple - Metal Lunchbox.

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zomberrydeathcake.1 [08 Mar 2010|10:38pm]

zomberrydeathcake.1, originally uploaded by goatboybbma.

Another one done for Staple. This was put on a Lunchbox too and was sold. Woot!

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zombieturtles [08 Mar 2010|10:37pm]

zombieturtles, originally uploaded by goatboybbma.

Woot Zombie Turtles! Yay for Staple - was put on a metal lunchbox.

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Lord it has been too long [22 Jan 2010|11:58am]
Alright - plan for myself is to get these random zombie girls drawn. Something in my head and I want to get them done before I throw down with the different bit of the whole thing. The plan is to have these on skateboard decks for Staple. Will see.

From there I want to do a small mini comic for Little Ghosties. Will see if I get my brain in that state to really break it down old skool style with ghosts doing stupid shit.

From there I want to do a comic about a post apocalyptic thing with some random bits. I keep wanting to do these things and it just never goes anyway as my brain just slows down or some other job comes up. As usual the current work I am doing gives me time, but the new side business is keeping me busy. I am going to try and break it apart more to let me have some time to draw again. It has been too long.

So list of crap to do - Art wise

Quote out a Chapter for a future client - Comic book stuff
Website redesign for Miniature painting service
Mascot/Logo rethought and brainstorm
Maybe more logo thoughts for a band thingie
Little Ghosties brainstorm
Zombie Chicks eating something funny
Maybe personal comic work

So yeah - these next 2 weeks should be fun - I also need to throw in some miniature painting for clients too. I think I will set up specific days to do different things. Fun fun fun.

Oh also been watching Lost on Hulu. Up to season 2 episode 11. Just burning through them to maybe get ready for the new season heh. Will see.

Alright enough - hope to post more during this neat week. These next two days are chill out days.
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I draws!!! - [22 Jul 2009|12:00pm]
Finished my pages for Filthy Habit - now I got to color the rest of Ben's. I need to remember the style and get it down, so this book can hopefully come out after my wedding etc - that is the hope. I might be changing my shift in a week or so - which means more money and more time to work on stuff. I hope so anyway. If things break it is my ass, but oh well - at least I am getting somewhere right? And mo monies means more billz paid! Hehe.

But yeah, look for some Filthy Habit pages posted at some point. I want to see the text on top by Dave and hopefully I can finally have this two year weight lifted off of my "I need to finish paid work first" body heh.

All those in San Diego - look for me next year. If my ankle survives. I also hurt it again, not as bad as before, but still in suxor state. Limping is for losers. AROO!

Art - Devil Poot!!! Revenge of the Poot!

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Drew some stuff [26 Jun 2009|10:01am]
And worked on my miniature painting service site. Need to figure out some background stuff, but for right now it is up and working - see it here. You can check out some of my work in there, I paint in a really dark style etc. If people are interested I can start posting here and stuff.

But besides that I drew some things. It is all mentally building towards doing some sequential work. Finishing Filthy Habits and then working on Bait and some webcomic fun. But here is some art.

So lots of random art - most for Miniature sites etc and design. But still fun :).
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Someone is posting my art on their myspace as their own [04 Jun 2009|12:18pm]
No where is there any info that I drew it and all the comments seem to imply that he drew it. Shitty as hell eh? I mean come on, it is hard enough to get work via art or anything else now, and to have someone just post stuff up like it is their own, is pretty crappy.

Check it out clickie It is myspace, so it is not like it is something huge and on a professional website. Hell if he is a fan, he needs to say that. Shit it sucks. And he changed some of the names too. He probably jacked them off of this site too.
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New arts!!! [12 May 2009|12:51pm]

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I have been drawing [05 May 2009|06:24pm]
It has just been for work stuff. So not the most fun. But here are some icons for an upcoming painting miniature commission site I am doing with some other local paints. Will post a link when that is fully done.

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Work for the week [01 Apr 2009|04:43pm]

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Some arts [29 Mar 2009|10:27pm]

Sorry this was late. I finished it in the middle of the week and forgots. I am off to Chicago next week, so any Chicago friends, give me a ring.
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Art for the week [20 Mar 2009|12:26pm]
Amazingly enough, a page of filthy habit. Woot!

In two weeks I fly off to Chicago to try and win some nerd games. Woot!
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More bait pre design thoughts etc [12 Mar 2009|02:50pm]
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Little ghosties... forgot to post [09 Mar 2009|12:33am]

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Picture picture picture [03 Mar 2009|06:27pm]
Will have 52, maybe will make a book. Call it "The Year I Drew Again" or something.

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Rargh I make another post?!?!?! [26 Feb 2009|10:46am]
LGV3 #2 SEXXX!!!

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Woot art for the week [24 Feb 2009|12:01pm]
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New Art [19 Feb 2009|04:58pm]
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New art - RETURN OF THE LG!!! [18 Feb 2009|01:11pm]
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